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Village Centre

Ideally positioned at the intersection of Bussell Highway, Napoleon Promenade and the new Vasse Bypass, the new Village Centre at Vasse will add even more convenience to your daily routine.

Incorporating picturesque boulevards and superbly landscaped sidewalks, the natural beauty and country charm of Vasse continues throughout the Village Centre. Here, all the modern conveniences including a major Medical Centre and a variety of specialty stores are under construction and will cater to all of the residents’ shopping requirements. A Coles national, full-range supermarket will open in late 2017 making grocery shopping a breeze as residents will have an extensive range of their favourite groceries and accompanying specialty retail stores available right on their doorstep.

Offering so much more than just shopping convenience, the Village Centre will be a place you’ll love to visit. Meander down the Rails for Trails, savour a cup of your favourite coffee, grab a quick lunch with your family or enjoy a peaceful sundowner in the evening with friends. The new Village Centre at Vasse will offer an exciting variety and will become a vibrant hub that connects the Vasse Newtown estate of Birchfields with the new Dawson and Armstrong communities.

To download a copy of the exciting Tavern Information Memorandum, click here.