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Vasse Soccer Club lands new sponsor

August 15, 2018

Vasse Estate and the Vasse Development Partners are proud to support grass roots community groups and organisations through the Vasse Sponsorship Program. This year, Vasse Estate became the principal sponsor of the Vasse Soccer Club. We helped to fund a suite of new kits for the club.

17 Years and counting

Vasse Soccer Club was established in 1991. In 2018, the club relocated to their home ground at the Vasse Sporting Complex, after completion of stage 2 of the complex in 2017. The club are very excited to have these amenities available locally for their home fixtures.

“Wonderful opportunity for families and players”

Thea Hanley from Vasse  Soccer Club said their members are delighted to have a home ground for players and their families in the new Vasse Estate. “The Vasse Sporting Complex provides a wonderful opportunity for families and players to come together for training and games throughout the winter season. Games and training at the complex have commenced in 2018, catering for all school aged children who wish to play soccer and represent their community.”

“The Vasse Soccer Club would like sincerely thank the Vasse Estate and the Vasse Development Partners for the sponsorship of brand new kits our players are now proudly wearing in 2018”, Ms Hanley said.