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Striking Coral Trees find a new home

August 15, 2018

The Vasse Development Partners have a big focus on sustainability. We have a strong focus on repurposing  items in construction wherever possible.

In the early stages of construction of Vasse Village, two beautiful old Coral Trees were removed from the area between what is now Coles Express and McDonald’s. They were transplanted and stored in a then un-utilised part of the Village.

A worthy new home

The Coral Trees have recently been relocated to their new home at the entry to Vasse Village. You can see them at the intersection of Coomidup Boulevard and Bussell Highway (previously the Vasse Bypass). They make a striking and eye-catching entrance to the Village precinct.

Real Recycling

Just some of the examples of recycling initiatives employed at Vasse Estate include:

  • Repositioning of these magnificent trees
  • Use of limestone harvested during construction for use in our landmark boulevard treatments
  • Repurposing of tree trunks into climbing features in our Nature Playground.