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Vasse Exercise Stations

Vasse has six new exercise stations, designed by fitness guru Matthew Fuller. These are free to use anytime, and can be found along the Wadandi Track.

Station 1 – Tri Pull Up Bar & Dexterity Builder
Station 2 – Elliptical Trainer & Body Twist
Station 3 – Double Pull Up Bar and Sit Up Board
Station 4 – Leg Press & Chest Press
Station 5 – Pull Downs and Step Ups
Station 6 – Roman Rings & Drink Fountain.

The stations start near Vasse Village, run past the Oval and Cape Naturaliste College and finish up at Lynwood St (Vasse Business Park).

Vasse Exercise Circuits

Vasse has developed five measured exercise circuits, ranging from 1.25km to 7.5km. Some are purely for walking/running, whilst others incorporate all or some of the exercise stations.

Now you can track your progress, push yourself to improve or simply enjoy the variety.

Download Exercise Circuit Map

Vasse Sporting Complex

The Vasse Sporting Complex includes a massive grassed oval, suitable for playing AFL football, soccer and cricket. The next stage of construction will include club rooms, hard courts and a bowling green.

Right in Vasse you’ll find plenty of local sporting teams to join.

  • Soccer: Vasse Soccer Club
  • Netball: Vasse Magpies Netball Club & Vasse Royals Netball Club
  • Cricket: Vasse Cricket Club
  • AFL Football: Vasse Royals Football Club and Vasse Kakkas Football Club.

Individual Sports Contacts

F45 Vasse
Millman Tennis, Vasse, 0409 315 619
Broadwater Golf Course, 9754 2002
Busselton Golf Club, 9753 1050
Busselton Indoor Sports, 9752 1444
Geographe Leisure Centre, 9754 3600
Busselton Bowling Club, 9752 2164
Busselton Darts Association
Busselton Martial Arts, 0407 101 933
Busselton Surf Life Saving Club, 0418 918 653
Busselton Tennis Club, 9754 6794
Busselton Trotting Club, 0428 272 288
Geographe Cycle Club Busselton, 0428 543 720
Naturaliste Fishing Club, 0414 393 985

Wadandi Track

The Wadandi Track passes right through the Vasse Estate. Surrounding the part of the track that runs through Vasse is a park, family barbecue area, sports oval and exercise stations.

The Wadandi Track will comprise a 106km walking/cycling trail from Busselton to Flinders Bay once finished. It follows where train lines once went, and is also known as the Rails to Trails. Walk or ride from Vasse to  Busselton Jetty, passing the stunning Geographe Bay and Kangaroo Gully Bridge along the way.

Read more about our parks and trails here.