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Introducing the Vasse Community Garden Committee

September 7, 2020

Our two Community Garden info sessions in July were a great success. Residents from Vasse and surrounding suburbs have now come together to combine their skills and help establish the garden.

A core group of residents (pictured) have volunteered to be part of the official Community Garden Committee. They will play a major role in shaping this project.

Vasse Community Garden Development

The first Committee meeting was held in August to formalise their roles and plan a trip to other community gardens. This will ensure that final touches can be made to the design and facilities at Vasse.

The Committee anticipate that works will commence in 2021, following their Incorporation and final design changes. Located along the Wadandi Track near Little People’s Place, it will be centrally located for members to enjoy.

Initial sponsorship is being provided by the Vasse Development Partners to support the community in creating a unique space to connect and relax.

Helping Out

If you’d like to be a part of the Committee or lend a hand in establishing the Garden, there’s still time to get involved. Get in touch with the Committee via, Steve Tunbridge (0439 036 695) or Jo Ryan Smith (0400 484 100).

Pictured are Vasse Community Garden Committee members Steve Tunbridge (President), Jo Ryan Smith (Secretary) and Matthew Gallagher (Treasurer).