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Dawson Estate Latest Stage Complete

January 4, 2019

Stage 3C Titles

Stage 3C in Dawson Estate received titles in September. 13 lots are already settled and ready to start construction, but there’s a  stunning selection of land close to parks and the Wardandi Track still available. Check them out in our Land For Sale section, where you’ll find prices from just $125,000.

New Roads

The final leg of Napoleon Promenade and Lynwood Street is now open. This makes it even easier for you to get to Bussell Highway or your favourite stores in the Vasse Business Park.

Wardandi Track Landscaping

Landscaping to the Wardandi Track (or Rails to Trails) has also been completed around Stage 3C. This includes an array of planting and mulch around the Track.

New Exercise Stations in Vasse

A series of exercise stations will be installed in the first quarter of 2019. They include a bench press, leg press, chin ups and more. The stations will be part of a series of exercise circuits to be installed in Vasse Estate.

Keep an eye out on the Vasse website for more information in the New Year!