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The Vasse history is a long and colourful one. Accurate records began in 1841, when the population was 102 people. Many of those pioneers became substantial farmers whose names remain deeply engrained in the history and current development of Vasse.

Schooling in the area began around 1845, when several wives of the American whalers stationed locally began teaching the community’s children. In approximately 1895, the primary school was relocated to its present location on Kaloorup Road, and the historic weatherboard structure that still exists today was built.

Originally named Newtown, the name was changed to Vasse in 1924, and the development that had started eighty years earlier just continued to thrive and grow.

Since its earliest days, Vasse’s prime location was acknowledged with Geographe Bay providing attractive whaling opportunities while the surrounding farmers could easily provide the local population with their fresh produce and commodities.

Vasse was chosen by the Planning Commission of Western Australia and the Shires of Busselton and Augusta-Margaret River to be an entirely new sub-regional centre, leading to the first blocks of land in the Vasse Newtown Birchfields Estate being sold in 2004. This was the start of the highly regarded, award winning development which will ultimately become home to 5000 people.