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  • Vasse Village Centre - one Saturday morning in 2017

    You wake up, and like every Saturday morning, can’t wait to start catching up on some time for the important weekend things, like "me time", "mates time" and "family time".
    Top of your To Do list is meeting with a few friends for coffee at the local café – and it’s so much more fun now that your favourite barista is just a few minutes’ walk down the road from your house at the Vasse Village Centre.
    "Better leave a little early" you think – to allow yourself a bit more time to visit the newsagent in the Village Centre to pick up the newspaper and a ticket for the big Lotto tonight. Plus, you can stop in at the pharmacy to stock up on some vitamins for the kids and a gift for your friend’s upcoming birthday.

    Now that you think about it, you should probably leave even earlier, to browse through the full range of specialty stores in the Village Centre for that birthday gift!

    Maybe a bottle of their favourite South West Merlot from the bottle shop, or some of those hand-made Margaret River chocolates you always notice through the window of the shop in the arcade?

    Your Saturday morning flies passed - time always does when you’re having great coffee and catching up with friends. You look at your phone – it’s already 12: 45.
    "Lunch time", you announce.
    Without a moment’s hesitation, your friends all turn and look towards the Tavern.
    "I actually missed breakfast", says one.
    "Have you seen their unbelievable burgers?" asks another.
    "Game starts in about an hour" says another.
    "We better go now and get a good table near a big screen" you reply.

    As you walk towards the Tavern, you notice the sign that reads: Vasse Village Centre.
    "That might be what it’s called officially" you think to yourself, "but actually it’s MY Village Centre".

    You’re probably as excited as we are about the new Vasse Village Centre opening in 2017.
    Why not visit the construction on Napoleon Promenade and take a look at the progress that’s being made on the Village and the Medical Centre?

    Like us, you’ll probably also start imagining how much fun 2017 is going to be!

    The Vasse Team.